Recommendations on bioeconomy - summaries

Here you can find project results in form of Recommendations on bioeconomy summaries in English, Greek and German languages.

A4_Report_Recommendations_summaries_EN (.pdf)

A4_Report_Recommendations_summaries_GR (.pdf)

A4_Report_Recommendations_summaries_AT (.pdf)

Articles about Farmcircle

Two detailed articles about Farmcircle project and circular economy are published on Croatian agriculture and economy web portals.

Full articles ara available on the following links:

Short animation about Farmcircle and bioeconomy

Short animation about Farmcircle and bioeconomy

Round table “The future of agriculture funding in Croatia in the framework of new Common agricultural policy (CAP) from 2021 to 2027“

Round table “The future of agriculture funding in Croatia in the framework of new Common agricultural policy (CAP) from 2021 to 2027“ will take place in Croatian Journalist Association, Zagreb on 30. 10. 2018. At the event the FarmCircle representative Biljana Kulišić from Energy institute Hrvoje Požar will speak about  “New models of additional support for farmers in the framework of  Common agricultural policy (CAP) after 2020. godine – Bioeconomy”. The presentation will give outline what are the positions of young farmers in bioeconomy and what measures could enable the bioeconomy in practice.

The event is organized by  Council of journalists in agriculture, Society of journalists in agriculture, Energy institute Hrvoje Požar  and DOOR.

Complete programe in Croatian language is available HERE.

Training for trainers

As a part of the Farmcircle project training for trainers has been organized for employees of Croatian agricultural advisory service, Ministry of agriculture and Agency for paying in agriculture. The aim of the training was to inform and educate persons directly working with farmers on new advances, bussines oportunities and bioeconomy in general.

Bioeconomy is omnipresent term which is part of the new strategic documents, programmes and EU policies, and could be best described as inovative economy with low level of emissions, aiming to secure sustainability of agriculture and fishery, food supply and enable sustainable management of renewable resources such as agricultural land and forests and at the same time protect the biodiversity and environment. (source: EU bioeconomy strategy).

The training was organized on 26.10.2018. by Energy institute Hrvoje Požar and DOOR (Society For Sustainable Development Design) for 80 participants from public sector including advisors working directly with farmers.

FarmCircle education of trainers – Young Farmers: Circles of Circular Economy

Education of trainers will be held as part of the project  FarmCircle – Young Farmers: Circles of Circular Economy aiming to train the employees of Ministry of agriculture, Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development and other interested stakeholders working directly with farmers. The main topic of the training will be knowledge transfer of new trends, bussiness oportunities and technologies in bioeconomy.

Training will be held od Friday 26.10. 2018. at 9.00 in Cinema hall of Ministry of economy, and SME, Vukovarska street 78, Zagreb.

Main aim of the FarmCircle project, cofinanced by EU, City of Vienna and Danube Strategic Project Fund is knowledge transfer of new trends, bussiness oportunities and technologies in bioeconomy through making of added value per agricultural unit.

More information about the training and programme –  FarmCircle_training_programm (Croatian).

DSPF Networking Event in Vienna

Danube Strategic Project Fund (DSPF) is inviting to networking event in Vienna on 31st October 2018.
The event will be held in City Hall of Vienna (Rathaus) from 9:30 to 16:30.

The purpose of the event is to present the DSPF projects to an interested public, and to enable exchange between various stakeholders of the EUSDR & EUSAIR. Farm Circle project will be presented to interested public, primarily EUSAIR, EUSDR and DSPF representatives, and to other similar project coordinators.


You can find more information on the event contents in the preliminary program:

> Preliminary program (12.09.2018)

> Technical details – venue, how to get there, accommodation, etc. (12.09.2018)

Participation at the event is free of charge.

Please register for the event until October 5th 2018!

Farmcircle at SEASN workshope in Hungary

Farmcircle project was succesfully presented in front of wide audience of SEASN network at 57. IALB and 7. EUFRAS conference on 20.06. in Mosonmagyarovar. Biljana Kulišić and Dinko Đurđević from Energy institute Hrvoje Požar talked about the project goals and presented the poster. One of the activities is development of training materials for agriculture advisors from Croatia that will be used to inform and educate on sustainable biomass use such as according to bioeconomy principles. This way agriculture stakeholders will be familiarized with mature and future bioeconomy technology and trends.
Other stream of the project is to employ policy makers in Croatia, Greece, Austria and EU in general, on how to tackle development of bioeconomy market and define chalenges and opportunities.

Workshope poster:  Poster_FarmCircle_final.

Farmcircle Training Seminar - CIHEAM – MAI Chania, Greece

The first trial training seminar on “Circular Economy: On farm opportunities and good practices”, was held at the premises of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (CIHEAM-MAICh) on Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th May, 2018. The seminar was organized within the framework of the Farmcircle project.

Presentations were given by Dr. B. Kulisic and Dr. M. Perovic (EIHP) to more than thirty participants coming from different backgrounds, i.e. economy, agronomy, mechanical engineering, etc.

The seminar focused on new trends & business opportunities in bio-economy and more specifically on new technologies and opportunities for biomass use, and the recycling of existing materials and products that are generally considered as “waste”, to ensure environmental protection, sustainability and the production of added-value quality agricultural products.

The participants assessed the teaching material presented as highly valuable; highly motivating with specific proposed modifications so that it becomes more reader-friendly and easier to comprehend by the farmers.

Farmers’ options in bioeconomy, presentation by Biljana Kulišić and Matko Perović, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

List of literature and references.

57th IALB and 7th EUFRAS Conference SEASN and ESEE Meeting

From 17 to 21 of June 2018  the 57th IALB and 7th EUFRAS conference  will be held in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary with the main topic – New Challenges in Rural Areas -Tradition and Transforming Agriculture.

The conference focuses on new challenges and trends in agriculture, and how these find their roots in local traditions. It will offer insight into the rich rural traditions of the Szigetköz and Western Transdanubian region through visiting self-organising rural communities producing traditional local goods or offering services like eco-tourism or horse riding. The event will be an opportunity to compare these with businesses using today’s agricultural and food technology and intelligent systems.

Also SEASN meeting will be held in the frame of the Conference with presentation of the Farmcircle project by Biljana Kulišić and Dinko Đurđević from Energy institute Hrveoje Požar. South Eastern Europe Advisory Service Network – SEASN is association of
agricultural advisory services, agricultural chambers, agricultural institutes, faculties and nongovernmental organisations founded in Bulgaria on 22nd October 2015.

More information about the conference could be found here.