The overall aim of the Farmcircle project is to make farmers aware of new trends & business opportunities in bioeconomy by producing more added value per agricultural unit.

Specific objectives: to organise existing materials from bioenergy and bioeconomy to fit farms’ features into free training material, train the trainers, inform policy makers to focus supporting schemes towards demand in accordance with farms’ features.

Bioeconomy creates microenterprises with high expertise jobs, social & economic opportunities atypical for rural areas. It’s vital to match the farms’ potentials with the suitable technology, product & ensure sustainability. Uniting the Partners’ expertise in vocational training at different fields, a multidisciplinary approach is used.

The Farm Circle project builds on the statement from an EU synthesis report of 25 EU analysis:

One of the key features of the bioeconomy is that it creates high expertise jobs, social and economic opportunities atypical for rural areas. It attracts young and educated families. Yet, It is vital to match the farm’s potential with the suitable technology, product and ensure sustainability of the venture.

The project Farm Circle project is co-funded by the Danube Strategic Project Fund under contract no. 09_ECVII_PA08.