Farmcircle project was succesfully presented in front of wide audience of SEASN network at 57. IALB and 7. EUFRAS conference on 20.06. in Mosonmagyarovar. Biljana Kulišić and Dinko Đurđević from Energy institute Hrvoje Požar talked about the project goals and presented the poster. One of the activities is development of training materials for agriculture advisors from Croatia that will be used to inform and educate on sustainable biomass use such as according to bioeconomy principles. This way agriculture stakeholders will be familiarized with mature and future bioeconomy technology and trends.
Other stream of the project is to employ policy makers in Croatia, Greece, Austria and EU in general, on how to tackle development of bioeconomy market and define chalenges and opportunities.

Workshope poster:  Poster_FarmCircle_final.