On 18. May in EU parlament a thematic workshop  “Unused potential for the development of rural area through use of residue from prunning” took a place. Workshop was organized by Croatian MP Marijana Petir and Italian MP Paolo de Castro in cooperation with Croatian chamber of agriculture and Energy institute Hrvoje Požar. Participants were EU MPs, members of EU commision and representatives of agricultural and energy sector.

Part of the workshop was reserved for presentation of Farmcircle project by dr. sc. Biljana Kulišić from Energy institute Hrvoje Požar. She presented a simulated exploatation of leftovers from maintenance and prunning of perennial crops and benefits for Croatian economy and rural area. This model is following recomendations of European Court of Auditors (2018.) for the establisment of synergy between EU agriculture and rural development policy (EAFRD) and renewable energy sources. Highlighted, is the awareness raising of fruit, vine and olive growers about possible savings from 600-650 Eur per heating season just using the residues from agriculture. When this savings are transponed in finances, it shows that 31,9 mil. euros could be saved based on the import of heating oil. This estimated potential could be used for the heating of 62.000 houlseholds in economicaly viable manner.

Presentations from the event:

Agricultural waste workshop clean – José RUIZ ESPI, DG Agriculture and Rural Development

FarmCircle – Biljana Kulišić, EIHP

Take-off for sustainable supply of woody biomass from agrarian pruning and plantation removal – Prof. Massimo Monteleone, University of Foggia, Italy